Friday, February 23, 2018
Youth Mixed Martial Arts Classes in Glendora – CALL NOW 626-335-4971


It is very important to understand that we are not a gym that sells memberships where people come and go as they please. We are a martial arts school that offer programs for the communities of Glendora, La Verne, San Dimas, Azusa and Covina. Therefore it is important to say that our programs last six months, one year, two and three years.

Payment options vary and you decide how you want to pay for it according to your necessities.



The pricing talk happens immediately after the first trial class where you can be able to check if our culture, coaches and the way we conduct business relates to you.

We are not the cheapest neither the most expensive. If paying for the course will take food off of your table we would recommend you to look for a YMCA or a fitness gym that offers minimal martial arts on the side. But we can’t guarantee quality since they are not specialized in martial arts neither their instructors are full time professionals; even if they carry a franchise fighting related name.

For those with low income we will offer free BJJ classes starting in 2016, On weekends.


Kids age

We start children as young as 3- 4 years old and depending on the child, it might be too early. We take much consideration not only age but maturity, height and weight for security, as well ability to focus.

We already have cases of children very mature training at the age of three. We offer a Lil Lions program where classes were designed specifically for kids ages 3-5.



Yes when you go on vacation you will still get charged but the months not used will be added at the end of your program.

We can only apply credit for a maximum of two months worth of traveling. A letter communicating the vacation time must be written prior to it, in order to claim your vacation credits.



You can freeze your payments also for the max of two months and in this case you would not get billed. But the freeze option is only accepted under specific and extreme reasons, like an injury etc.


Why can’t I train everyday?

Those who start too strong too quick are very prone to get injured. It’s not the case of martial arts not being for you. It is you and your coach that did not design properly the introductory program.


Can I pay as I come?

Unfortunately not, as a business we need to keep our doors open. We are looking for students/customers that understand this and support us. To keep the doors open we have to keep agreements for rent, energy, insurance, phone etc. We need committed students because also only committed people will have results.


Is that only for kids?

No, actually back in Brazil the question was the opposite. Brazilian jiu jitsu was mainly for adults twenty years ago. Now with many instructors developing their teaching and security skills it became possible for youth participation. At our school we have a huge youth program but the adults program is just as big.


Family discount?

Yes we have a great family discount. When two people from the direct family pay all the others in the family (parents and siblings) don’t pay, as long as they are in the basic program.


Do I need to get in shape before I start?

No, you get in shape training. This is a horrible myth that people to this day still believe and use to procrastinate. The training you do here will get you in shape.


Is it dangerous for me as an adult?

No it is not dangerous, we have a great culture inside the school, very martial arts oriented where the mutual progress is a must. Selfish behavior is condemned and most of the meatheads do not stay here and even hate our methods. Martial arts Is meant to make one evolve physically and mentally not to teach how to hurt people.


Is it dangerous for My child?

No, because we have a great system elaborated by our head coach Professor Renato that breaks through to children for their understanding of the art. Yes we do have a mix of styles in our BJJ classes such as BJJ, Judo and Wrestling but the biggest concern in our classes is the security and safety of our children. Although it is a contact sport it is very rare to have a child injured doing Jiu Jitsu because of the structure of the classes and how the instructors are trained.