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Highlights of the 2015 kids martial arts Halloween in Glendora

The 2015 martial arts Halloween kids Glendora festivity that took place on October 16th was thrilling. The masks, the martial arts sessions and sumptuous dinners graced every second and minute of the occasion. It was the only day that parents took a break from their kids while they too partied. The theme of the party clearly communicated the philosophy of Sampa Jiu Jitsu: fun, safety and wellness.

The festivity was also made more grandiose with the many games, the costume contests, a haunted maze and hot dogs that characterized it! If your kid missed all the above, then they won’t have any other opportunity of enjoying the same during this year.  On the contrary, they should never miss anything of it again. Your child can catch another martial arts Halloween kids Glendora festivity this very year.


There was fun in Glendora

For those who didn’t attend, the Glendora festivity was indeed bedecked with fun: from the activities for kids to games. The children also attended the party with their parents who came in party style. Everyone was dressed for a real festivity. Striking of all was the amount and variety of food and candy brought in for the party. You or your child indeed missed a lot if you didn’t attend this festivity.


What did you exactly miss?

The martial arts Halloween kids Glendora festivity wasn’t just about entertainment. It was one where you or your child could acquire life-changing values. It clearly expressed the values that are behind the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: self-esteem, self-defense, manners, respect, exercise and discipline.

Although much consideration had been put on offering you the best Halloween entertainment, there was something about the character and physical development in the festivity too! Parents were treated to new ways of making their children responsible and many discovered that there are indeed many ways through which one can make his or her child more physically and mentally accountable. Children who attended the event learnt new ways of protecting themselves from harm when their parents are not around.

In a world where our children meet a number of strangers on a daily basis, there is need to strengthen the children on how to take care of themselves in the case of anything. Parents may not have their watchful eyes roving all about taking care of their safety. The martial arts kids Glendora festivity was a success in this particular area. Children and parents who attended learnt:

  • How to avoid a stranger or strangers.
  • How to identify a stranger or strangers
  • How to interact with a stranger or strangers
  • How to avoid being carried away by a stranger or strangers


Do not miss out on the 2016 festivity

If you are a parent who would ensure that your kids grow fully into adulthood, there will be another Martial art Halloween kids Glendora party next year. Never wait for your kid to attain adulthood at eighteen! Equip them with the skills they need for a wholly balanced personal development NOW!


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