Friday, February 23, 2018
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What is the budget cut in California?

The budget cut in California is referring to the decrease in funding for all public education; Jerry Brown, the Democratic Party governor, proposed this because of their budget shortfall.

How has the budget cut in California affected schools?

It is now estimated that up to 30% of students in the state attend a school that is financially troubled.

The schools are affected by the following problems:

  • Educational instruments aren’t available to students.
  • The size of students in classrooms has increased dramatically – putting huge pressures on teachers.
  • Homelessness in students has increased, with no resources to help them.
  • No food security for families.

How has the education budget cut in California affected housing for families?

The housing crisis, caused the global recession, is actually a contribution to the education crisis; rather than being a situation caused by the education crisis. The economic collapse of housing made families poorer, which in turn took down the quality of education.

What is the school supply drive contest?

The school supply drive contest is a charity program organized by Sampa Martial arts and Fitness group that donates copy papers and hand sanitizers to the schools around Sampa BJJ. Students involved were divided into groups of teams, to compete which team will bring more supplies.

Who was the winner of the last school supply drive contest?

Sampa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has many different classes for kids for different ages and levels and the winner was the advanced peewee class, and altogether the whole charity raised thousands of hand sanitizer tubes and paper – the school supply drive contest then donates them to the schools around Glendora and Covina.

How does the school supply drive contest to benefit the schools?

The schools receiving donations will be able to cut down on buying those necessities, which will leave them with higher funds available for more advanced equipment and maintenance.


  • Less spending on them items will make higher funds available for the schools.
  • With more funds available, the conditions of the schools will improve.
  • As more recognition grows for the charity then the more they will be able to effectively help the schools in need!

Do the winning teams get prizes?

Sampa BJJ will pay for a free party at Rockin Jump, which will provide the incentive for teams to get more supplies and be rewarded for doing so. The higher the supplies that a team gets hold of, then the more beneficial it will be for the schools districts.  

Is there a number I can contact Sampa BJJ?

626-335-4971 Glendora, Ca  or 626-238-3309 Walnut Ca.

How has the budget cuts in California increased the size of classrooms?

The class size reduction that puts a restriction on the number of students allowed in a classroom; however the budget cuts has raised the number, in order to reduce the amount of teachers needed by the school.

There have been many protests as increasing classrooms with more students can do the following:

  • Teachers will be too stretched for one to one assessments with students.
  • Higher classes put more pressure on the teacher; in regards to student behavior control, monitoring their progress levels and longer out of hours in work marking. Overall, this leads to bad morale and will cause a shortage of teachers in the long term.

In summary…

The budget cuts in California has had a huge impact on education, which is a huge shift from being the state with one of the best education systems.

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